We are a general distributor of the VoluMill and VoluTurn suites by Celeritive Technologies in Poland.

The VoluMill and VoluTurn suites can be practically used to safely double the machine efficiency and shorten the machining time. The tool load is under full control which helps extend the lifetime of the machining center, reduce the machining time and costs and so to make the production company more competitive on the global market.



What is VoluMill and VoluTurn ?

This is a proven tool path routing strategy which enables coarse machining with bigger cutting depths than in the case of known conventional paths.

The VoluMill algorithm is closely integrated with the NX CAM software (CAM Express) – you work with the same interface. The tool paths are task-oriented and significantly shorten the programming time and do the work better than traditional tool paths where it counts the most - on the production shop floor.

Machining centers and milling tools work as intended.

VoluMill generates tool paths which are free from sudden direction turns or changes of the material being machined > the milling tools and spindles are never overloaded beyond the limits preprogrammed by the user. As a result, the machine works more smoothly and the cooling of the tools is better even when rates and feeds are much faster, which extends the lifetime of the tool and the machine.

VoluMill proves effective with every material, part or geometry. 
VoluMill is perfectly suitable for parts used in the aerospace, automotive, mold and die, medical, machinery and consumer goods sectors, for all parts with a complicated shape or prismatic parts which require coarse machining.

Is VoluMill a trochoidal toolpath type?
Absolutely not. The so called trochoidal toolpaths use a "looped" motion. The VoluMill path is much shorter than the trochoidal path for the same geometry, causing the cycle times to be shorter. Furthermore, since the VoluMill toolpath ensures precise control of the load exerted on the tool, it is possible to safely use machining parameters that are more dynamic than in case of the trochoidal toolpath.

Optimized feed rate, spindle speed and cutting depth.
The VoluMill toolpaths break the rules of milling which have been followed for decades. VoluMill enables you to use dynamic parameters, which allows clients to achieve surprisingly fast cycle times. The practical experience of VoluMill users shows that the rotation speed values and the feed per tooth values recommended by the manufacturer of cutting tools should be tripled.

In case of materials which are harder and more difficult to machine (for example, stainless steel, tool steels, titanium and special steels), most customers have discovered that it is most effective to combine the big axial depth of cutting and smaller radial width of cutting (from 10% to 20% of the tool diameter). Furthermore, you can safely use 5- or even 7-blade tools for coarse machining.

In case of softer and more easily machinable materials, such as aluminum, you can increase the cutting depth along with the speed, feed and cutting depth.



Highly Efficient Coarse Machining
The ability to maintain a constant thickness of shavings in VoluMill provides machining centers and cutting tools with ideal operating conditions throughout the entire process, regardless of the shape or complexity of the given part. The milling efficiency considerably rises in case of all materials: from aluminum through steel to hardly machinable ones, for example, titanium.

Safe and easy control of the dynamics of cutting.
The shaving cross-section active control system with which VoluMill has been equipped allows you to precisely set up the critical elements of the metal cutting dynamics and have more control over the machining process.

Intelligent technology which has proved to be effective for every part.
VoluMill performs all complex calculations required to determine the best possible cutting strategy for every part type. There is no need to specify individual properties of parts such as "planes", "pockets", "cores", "grooves" etc.. VoluMill will automatically choose the best possible strategy for the specific task.

Faster Path Programming Work
VoluMill will automatically determine the material removal sequence, minimising the total cycle time. No additional contribution of the user is required.

Automatic Optimization of Direction
VoluMill automatically optimizes the cutting angle and the sequence of cutting operations to achieve the shortest possible cycle time. Therefore, the last cutting operation is performed with the full stroke value, which minimizes the issues related to the cutting of thin "ribs"..

Collision Control
VoluMill will automatically set up the toolpath so as to prevent a collision with the tool holder or shank, thanks to individual distances safe for the holder and the shank. Alternatively, VoluMill can also determine the blade width required for the cutting operation done on a specific part.

Automatic Tool Vibration Reduction
Following the recommendations of the leading tool makers, VoluMill automatically reduces the feed rate as the cutting tool goes into the material and then increases it safely to the target feed rate when required. This intelligent feature of Volumill reduces vibrations which act on the tool and extends the lifetime of cutting tools.



Celeritive Technologies
The Celeritive Technologies products are licensed overlays for NX CAM which enable you to carry out highly efficient coarse milling and turning operations.

Having installed the VoluMill or VoluTurn module, the programmer performs all oeprations required to be done in the NX environment to create the toolpath - there is no need to use additional software; all operations take place in the NX software window.

Milling Advisor
To optimize the parameters of the machining process, use the special "Milling Advisor” which uses the input data (cutter, material and machining center properties…) to determine the milling width and depth as well as rotations and feeds which are dynamic.

This module has been dedicated for the programming of milling machines. VoluMill is an alternative to such operations as: CAVITY_MILL, CORNER_ROUGH, REST_MILLING.

This module has been dedicated for the programming of turning machines. VoluMill is an alternative to coarse operations. This particularly refers to: GROOVE_OD, GROOVE_ID, GROOVE_FACE and, in some circumstances, also: FACING, ROUGH_TURN_OD ROUGH_BACK_TURN, ROUGH_BORE_ID, ROUGH_BACK_BORE.



VoluMill for NX CAM is a field-proven ultra-efficient path generation NX CAM technology available both for the older versions (from NX CAM 6.0) and the latest version – currently NX CAM 12.0.

We can customize the license conditions according to your needs and network environment.
The VoluMill license (for milling) and the VoluTurn license (for turning) are available as the Node Locked, Standard Floating and Enterprise type licenses.

Node Locked
Fixed, non-floating license assigned to a workstation, a specific computer,

Standard Floating
Floating license for a maximum of five registered users,

Provided for unlimited use in all geographical locations of your corporation.


eBooks do NX

eBooks are electronic books on NX CAD (in PDF format) addressed to individual users of the NX system who want to increase their qualifications in the field of using Synchronous  Technology (ST) as well as to users of other CAD systems who wish to become familiar with Synchronous Technology.
As far as the technical details are concerned, you will receive a message containing links provided to download the particular files of the NX CAD book, sent to your e-mail address given in the questionnaire. We are not, however, a non-profit organization and we reserve the right to contact selected users of our free publications.
The publications are provided only to customers of CAMdivision Sp. z o.o. or as a supplement to the free NX trial versions.

NX Synchronousbook 3
Synchronous Technology 3D

eBook – 100 pages (PDF) – 8 MB
3D files for exercises – 8 MB
Instruction videos – 640 MB

Handbook based on NX 8.0/8.5

View book
NX ST & Realizebook 2
Synchronous 3D i 2D

Realize Shape

eBook – 184 pages (PDF) – 32 MB
3D files for exercises – 20 MB
Instruction videos – 900 MB

View book
NX CAD Basicsbook 1
Solid modeling
Synchronous 3D i 2D
Realize Shape

eBook – 300 pages (PDF) – 58 MB
3D files for exercises – 30 MB
Instruction videos – 1 GB

View book


Printed NX CAD/CAM books

The printed handbooks are for novice and advanced users of NX software. The publications are provided only to customers of CAMdivision Sp. z o.o. or as a supplement to the free NX trial versions.

NX CAD Basicsbook 1
Color 360 pages + DVD
View bookOrder
Solid modelingbook 3
Color 400 pages + DVD
View bookOrder
Color 400 pages + DVD
View bookOrder
NX CAM & VMbook 2
Color 524 pages + DVD
View bookOrder

Downloadable materials

Our business activity is not only limited to software implementation projects. We publish printed handbooks and innovative free eBooks on the Polish market. An additional source of information about the software which we offer are the information materials available in the form of leaflets and video recordings of our webinars. Here you will find detailed descriptions of products and configurations and descriptions of the latest software versions.

NX CAM VoluMill
volumill materialy1
Download material

Test versions

The NX CAD/CAM test version offers free tests of NX software which cover selected NX CAD, NX CAM and NX CAE suites or specialized NX Mold/Progressive Design type applications (design of molds and dies).

The offer is addressed to prospective customers who are interested in these solutions or wish to compare NX capabilities against the solutions which are currently being used, as well as companies already using NX software.

To be able to fully benefit from the NX CAD/CAM test version suite, we recommend using preliminary training, workshops or on-line consultations.

In the NX CAD/CAM test version suite, we provide you with:

- a test license for 7 – 30 days,
- materials on DVDs (or downloadable from ftp),
- a book to be borrowed or an eBook,
- initial, e.g., on-line training,
- support and consultations during the tests,
- test post-processor (NX CAM)

The offer is addressed to companies.
book wersja testowa



ico dowolny proces


VoluMill and VoluTurn generates tool paths where no sudden direction turns appear.
ico zmienny


In critical locations, VoluMill automatically reduces the feed rate and increases it safely when required.
ico ksztalty


The VoluMill path keeps a fixed wrap angle which prevents temporary overloads of the tool during machining (even while machining tight corners or grooves).
ico ododlu


Thanks to the big cutting layer and the "bottom-to-top" machining of intermediate levels, the tool is engaged to the maximum and gets worn out uniformly over the entire blade height.

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