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NX Student Edition for Everyone!

The latest version of NX Student Edition (based on NX1926) is now available! The license is valid until July 31, 2021!
SIEMENS Digital Industries Software introduced a special free educational version of NX Student Edition in March 2020, which can be used by both university students and employees of commercial companies.
CAMdivision as the largest commercial partner of SIEMENS Digital Industries Software in Poland supplements this offer with professional training materials for NX CAD and NX CAM in the form of free e-books and training webinar series!

NX Student Edition for Everyone


  • Comprehensive 3D design tools, including solid, surface and synchronous modelling
  • Full set of CAM programming tools to create operations for 3-axis, 5-axis mills, lathes and EDMs
  • Advanced surface creation tools in Freeform Shape & NX Realize Shape modules, analysis and visualisation
  • Support of STL format for 3D printing
  • NC code generation is blocked in CAM modules

NX Student Edition info


  • NX Student Edition can be downloaded from SIEMENS Digital Industries Software
  • Print and plot fill watermark to prevent the use of NX Student Edition for commercial purposes
  • Part files created in NX Student Edition cannot be opened in commercial versions of NX, but can be opened in NX Academic licenses
  • NX Student Edition loads files from the commercial version of NX

eBooks for NX Student Edition available for everyone!

Every webinar participant received a Polish e-Book for NX Student Edition! The self-study set includes the e-Book in PDF format, videos and exercise files.
The NX Student Edition e-book for registered participants was distributed after the webinar. The presentation from the first NX Student Edition webinar is available in PDF (5MB) and downloadable from: https://bit.ly/2RY3l4x
In the presentation there are active links to download NX, Training Platforms, etc.
Do you have additional questions? Email us at: nxstudent@camdivision.pl

Recording of the NX Student Edition webinar available for everyone!

Recording od the Webinar NX Mold Design

Recording of the webinar NX Student Edition available for everyone!

The following webinar took place on May 12
During the webinar we covered the following topics:

  • NX Mold Design - the capabilities of the package, i.e. conducting technological analysis of a moulded part and injection moulding simulation, creating a parametric model of a mould, 2d documentation and electrodes
  • Mold design and work automation in NX Mold Wizard
  • Design of electrodes
  • Milling of tooling
  • Conformal channel design
  • 3D printing of conformal inserts

Topics of the third webinar

During the webinar we discussed in detail:

  • NX CAD: Reverse engineering
  • Convergent modelling, point cloud processing, STL optimization for printing
  • Traditional modelling vs. generative design, 3D textures
  • NX CAE: Lattice structure or 3D meshes and FEM calculations
  • Print preparation: deformations and anti-shapes
  • NX CAD: 2D and 3D nesting, 3D supports
  • NX CAM: simulation of the printing process...
  • PDF presentation of the webinar (5MB): https://bit.ly/35m9n4n

Recording of the NX Reverse Engineering & Additive MFC webinar

Recording od the NX Synchronous & Realize Shape webinar

Topics for the second webinar

During the webinar we discussed in detail:

  • NX Synchronous Technology - is an instant editing technique for both NX custom files and those imported by neutral formats e.g. Acis, Parasolid, Step and native formats Catia, Creo (Pro/E), Solid Edge, SolidWorks.
  • NX Realize Shape - is an NX CAD module based on "Subdivision Modeling" designed for conceptual modeling. The tool is extremely intuitive - you can create a shape spanning a frame that can be extruded, deviated from horizontal straightness, tilted, rotated, duplicated.
  • PDF presentation of the webinar (3MB): https://bit.ly/2rts70s

Topics of the first webinar

During the webinar we presented:

  • Program and license installation process
  • NX CAD - solid and surface modelling possibilities
  • NX Synchronous Technology
  • NX CAD Advanced Surface - practical examples of modeling
  • NX Realize Shape - advanced surface modelling
  • NX CAM - availability of CAM packages in the student version
  • E-books for NX Student Edition and learning platforms
  • PDF presentation of the webinar (5MB): https://bit.ly/2ry3l4x

Recording od the NX Student Edition for Everyone webinar

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