FIBERSIM software enables the performing of a complete development process for a composite product. It saves up to 80% of the time spent generating composite designs and reduces the design change time by up to 95% while ensuring that the technical standards and specifications for the composite are observed. Additionally, its open architecture allows data to be exchanged between the collaborating teams.

CAMdivision belongs to the Polish Cluster of Composite Technologies.



Designing of Composite Products with FIBERSIM

FIBERSIM is a specialized module which significantly improves the processes of designing, strength analysis and production of components based on fibrous composites. It enables the automation of arduous and repeating processes through many accessible paths of creating a new product, and additionally aids fast management of the design changes coming from analysis or production departments, improving the quality of products and eliminating design errors.

FIBERSIM supports many best-class CAD systems. The module can be integrated with NX CAD, CATIA and Creo software.

Defining Layers and Inserts for 150 Attributes
FIBERSIM allows you to define up to 150 composite-defining features such as: material type, mechanical properties, orientation, width, thickness, weight, cost and sequence of laying.

Automated Definition of Laminates by Zone, Mesh, Multi-Ply or Volumetric Filling Methods
Unique improvements make it possible to limit or entirely eliminate repeating operations, replacing them with pre-defined commands. 

Automated Creation of In-Mold Labeling
The manual IML requires many weeks of work to be completed while many errors can be made at the same time. The parametric surface offset technology allows the user to reduce the IML development time by 75 or more percent.

Unusually Accurate Producibility Simulations Following Real Production Processes.
The FIBERSIM software allows for the highly accurate examination of the behavior of semi-products such as unidirectional fabrics, multi-directional fabrics and tapes while adapting them to the pre-set geometry, simulating e.g., the manual lamination process or AFL (Automatic Fiber Placement).

Automated Production Options
FIBERSIM has a configurable machine data base of machine data and several tools aiding the manual lamination process. This directly translates into increased productivity and reduced production costs.


FIBERSIM Capabilities

The FIBERSIM solution enables the complete development of a composite product, from the manual or automated definition of particular composite plies through the export of data to CAE modules and engineering-related producibility simulations to the generation of flat cuttings and the product inspection to verify its compliance with the technical specifications and standards of the composite. All this is provided for the manual lamination process and for machine-based processes such as AFL (Automatic Fiber Placement).

Manual Design
The manual design method enables the composite to be defined based on individual plies, i.e., semi-product type, fiber type or their orientation and sequence in the part being designed.

Automated Design
Eliminating repeatable manual operations allows you to significantly reduce the product design time. To enable this, FIBERSIM has been provided with zone and mesh design functions as well as the ability to import structural designs (e.g., from a spreadsheet) which have been made earlier. Furthermore, it is also possible to use the composite material to make a volume filling between the geometries which have been formed before (e.g., turbine blade coatings).

Data Exchange with CAE Software Programs
FIBERSIM allows you to import and export data on the designed composite. Apart from the standard information such as the fiber type or the semi-product type, the program enables the actual arrangement of fibers in the geometry being designed, including their distortion, to be taken into account.

Producibility Simulation
The producibility simulation allows the user to predict and eliminate critical deformation spots, curves and distortions as early as the composite design stage. The tools used for the modification of cut-outs (e.g.,  cuts) successfully improve the quality of components.

Product Inspection
The data export function also allows you to make flat cuttings of particular plies and to send them to laser cutters. In addition, the software checks whether the particular cut-outs do not go beyond the geometric dimensions of the fabric and reduces the amount of waste left after the cutting.

Product Inspection
FIBERSIM makes it possible to control the product at each stage of the process, using one of many tools, e.g., cross-section through plies, laminate explosion, tables of plies and materials.


FIBERSIM & NX License Suites

FIBERSIM has a number of licenses which enable the software functionalities to be customized to meet the user's requirements. NX CAD Fibersim works as a module embedded within the NX CAD interface (also CATIA and Pro/Engineer).

The FIBERSIM license enables integration with the NX, CATIA, and Creo systems. It aids the manual and multi-ply composite design method as well as the manual lamination simulation, fiber routing simulation, ply molding, connecting and cutting of plies, flat cut-out evaluation and parametric surface offset.

The FIBERSIM Elite license expands the functionalities available also in the Pro license with the capability to design  laminated composite by means of mesh and zone methods, volumetric filling and the design of wind turbine blades.

Flat Pattern Export
The Flat Pattern Export license allows you to export flat cut-outs with starting points, directional curves, markers and textual annotations for automatic or manual cutters from various manufacturers. The supported brands include: Cutting Edge, GFM NS2, Magestic TruNEST, Optimation, Plataine TPO I JETCAM Expert.

Simcenter Structures
The Simcenter Structures license allows you to use computational tools employing the finite element method. It allows the user to carry out linear, non-linear, modal, buckling, heat flow and spot welded joint analyses, both for isotropic materials and for anisotropic ones such as fibrous composites.


Downloadable materials

Our business activity is not only limited to software implementation projects. We publish printed handbooks and innovative free eBooks on the Polish market. An additional source of information about the software which we offer are the information materials available in the form of leaflets and video recordings of our webinars. Here you will find detailed descriptions of products and configurations and descriptions of the latest software versions.

FIBERSIM Composites
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Download material
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Download material
NX Laminate Components
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Download material

Test versions

The NX CAD/CAM test version offers free tests of NX software which cover selected NX CAD, NX CAM and NX CAE suites or specialized NX Mold/Progressive Design type applications (design of molds and dies).

The offer is addressed to prospective customers who are interested in these solutions or wish to compare NX capabilities against the solutions which are currently being used, as well as companies already using NX software.

To be able to fully benefit from the NX CAD/CAM test version suite, we recommend using preliminary training, workshops or on-line consultations.

In the NX CAD/CAM test version suite, we provide you with:

- a test license for 7 – 30 days,
- materials on DVDs (or downloadable from ftp),
- a book to be borrowed or an eBook,
- initial, e.g., on-line training,
- support and consultations during the tests,
- test post-processor (NX CAM)

The offer is addressed to companies.
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Easy communication between departments and automations of design stages makes it possible to shorten the design process by uo to 80 percent
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The available program functions enable you to control the product for its compliance with the technical specifications and standards at every stage of product development.
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The available simulations allow the user to design optimized composite for the part being designed and to minimize the waste generated in course of its production.
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The available integration with the modules for numerical calculations allows you to precisely determine the actual orientation of fibers, which contributes to the final product quality.

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