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FIBERSIM & NX / design of composite structures

FIBERSIM enables a complete composite product development process. It provides up to 80% time savings in composite design and reduces the time to make design changes by up to 95% while ensuring that composite standards and technical specifications are met. Additionally, its open architecture enables data exchange between collaborating teams.
CAMdivision belongs to the Polish Cluster of Composite Technologies.

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Designing composite products with FIBERSIM

FIBERSIM is a specialized module that significantly streamlines the processes of designing, analysing strength and manufacturing components based on fiber composites. It enables the automation of tedious and repetitive processes through multiple available paths for the creation of a new product, and additionally supports the rapid management of design changes coming from analysis or production departments, increasing product quality and eliminating design errors.

FIBERSIM supports many best-of-breed CAD systems. Module integration is possible with NX CAD, CATIA and Creo software.

Definition of layers and inputs of up to 150 attributes

FIBERSIM allows to define up to 150 attributes that define a composite, such as material type, mechanical properties, orientation, width, thickness, weight, cost and stacking order.

Automated definition of laminates using zone, grid, multilayer or volume fill methods
Unique enhancements allow you to reduce or completely eliminate repetitive steps, replacing them with predefined commands.

Automation of inner mould line creation

Manual IML creation involves weeks of work, with the potential for many mistakes. With parametric surface displacement technology, it is possible to reduce IML creation time by 75 percent or more.

Extremely accurate manufacturing simulations that mimic real production processes
The FIBERSIM software allows to study with high accuracy the behaviour of semi-finished products, such as unidirectional and multi-directional fabrics and tapes, when fitting them to a given geometry, simulating, for example: the process of manual lamination or AFL (Automatic Fiber Placement).

Automated production options
FIBERSIM has a configurable machine database as well as a number of tools supporting the manual lamination process. This translates directly into increased productivity and reduced production costs.


The FIBERSIM solution makes it possible to carry out the complete process of composite product development, from manual or automated definition of individual composite layers, through data export to CAE modules and manufacturing simulation, to generation of flat sections and product inspection for compliance with specifications and composite technical standards. All this for manual lamination and machine processes such as AFL (Automatic Fiber Placement).

Manual design
The manual design method allows the definition of the composite by individual layers, i.e.: the type of blank, the type of fibre used, or their orientation and order in the designed part.

Automated design
The elimination of repetitive manual activities allows for a significant reduction of time required to design a product. For this purpose, FIBERSIM includes functions for zone and grid design, as well as the import of previously created structural designs (e.g. from a spreadsheet). In addition, volumetric filling with composite material between previously created geometries (e.g. turbine blade shells) is also possible.

Data exchange with CAE programs
FIBERSIM allows the import and export of data about the designed composite. In addition to standard information such as type of fibre or type of semi-finished product, the program allows to take into account the real arrangement of fibres in the designed geometry, including their skewness.

Manufacturing process simulation
Technological simulation allows already at the stage of composite design to predict and eliminate critical points of deformation, bends and fibre skewness. Tools for creating modifications of blanks (e.g. cuts) successfully increase the quality of created components.

Create flat blanks
The data export function allows flat cuts to be created of individual layers and sent to laser cutting machines. In addition, the programme controls whether the individual blanks do not exceed the geometric dimensions of the fabric, and it also reduces the amount of waste after cutting.

Product control
FIBERSIM allows you to control your product at every stage of work using one of the many tools, e.g.: cross-section through the layers, laminate shot, layer and material tables.

FIBERSIM & NX License Packages

FIBERSIM comes with a number of licenses that allow you to customize the functionality of the program according to your requirements. NX CAD Fibersim works as a nested module in the NX CAD interface (also CATIA and Pro/Engineer).

The FIBERSIM Pro license allows for the integration with NX, CATIA and Creo systems. It supports manual and multilayer composite design method, as well as simulation of manual lamination, fibre guiding, layer flap forming, layer joining and cutting, flat blank evaluation and parametric surface offsetting.

The FIBERSIM Elite licence extends the functionality also available in the Pro licence with the ability to design laminate using grid, zone, volume fill and wind turbine blade design methods.

Flat Pattern Export
The Flat Pattern Export licence allows flat pattern blanks to be exported along with start points, directional curves, markers and text annotations to automatic or manual cutters from a variety of manufacturers. Supported brands include: Cutting Edge, GFM NS2, Magestic TruNEST, Optimation. Plataine TPO and JETCAM Expert.

Simcenter Structures
The Simcenter Structures licence allows you to use calculation tools that make use of the finite element method. It allows for linear, non-linear, modal, buckling, heat flow and spot weld analyses for both isotropic and anisotropic materials, such as fibre composites.

Files to download

Our activity is not limited only to software implementations. We publish printed manuals and free eBooks, innovative on the Polish market. Additional sources of information about the software offered by us are information materials in the form of leaflets and video recordings of webinars organised by us. You will find detailed descriptions of products and configurations as well as descriptions of the latest software versions.


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Application benefits
FIBERSIM from CAMdivision



Easy communication between departments and the automation of design stages enables the design process to be shortened by up to 80 per cent.



Available programme functions enable the product to be checked for compliance with composite specifications and technical standards at every stage of product development.



Simulations are available to design the optimum composite for the part being designed and to minimise waste in its manufacture.



The available integration with numerical calculation modules allows the precise determination of the actual fibre orientation, which affects the quality of the final product.


Try out the trial versions

NX CAD/CAM trial versions are free trials of NX software, which includes selected NX CAD, NX CAM and NX CAE packages or specialised applications of the NX Mold/Progressive Design type (mould and die design).

Within the scope of the NX CAD/CAM package, we provide you with:

  • a test license for 7 - 30 days,
  • media on DVD (or for download from ftp),
  • borrowing a book or eBook,
  • initial training, e.g. online
  • assistance and consultation during tests,
  • test postprocessor (NX CAM)

The offer is addressed to companies only.

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