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NX Surface Modeling

The book contains detailed descriptions of commands with simple examples. After completing simple examples and understanding the basic principles of modeling, you can move on to making advanced projects. 18 projects from various industries were prepared. By doing all of them, you will gain a lot of experience in using NX software (from Siemens). You will not be afraid of any project challenge

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The skills you learn will provide you with great comfort at work.

Models for the book have been selected to show advanced functionalities, and at the same time they do not significantly extend the time needed to make them. Detailed descriptions combined with videos will make it easy for you to complete each exercise. However, if you encounter a problem with complex projects, you can skip one of the stages thanks to the saved files or open the finished model to check all the options. Once you are familiar with this book, you will be able to speed up your daily work without spending a lot of money on advanced training. To master the material presented in the book, you would have to purchase several weeks of specialized training. If you do not have time to cover the entire book, choose a project closest to your industry. In a few days you will master the knowledge necessary for your daily work.

Even if you already use advanced NX features, you can explore their additional capabilities. Most NX users do not know how to approach a given issue in many ways and what "tricks" can be used to facilitate their daily work.



Creating and editing advanced curves

The book presents both commands for creating free curves and curves resulting from existing surfaces. Each instruction has been described in detail and has simple exercises that will allow you to acquire the skills necessary to work on complex models.

You will learn how to generate curves according to advanced patterns, curves with variable offset, etc. Remember that making a good model is only possible if you make the correct input curves.

Creating Surface Models in NX

In the book, you can find different approaches to surface modeling. You will learn techniques for patching holes and repairing models using the surface method. This will allow you to increase productivity at work and create better quality construction. If you deal with CAM machining on a daily basis, you will gain skills in preparing the model for quick application of paths.

The book contains topics that allow you to create, edit and analyze curves and surfaces. You will see detailed commands that NX has at its disposal. Each description is accompanied by a large number of photos to better understand the operation of individual options. You will not waste time searching through the software manufacturer's documentation, in which everything is often not said or is explained in an unclear way.

You will learn 100% of the functionalities of each described command.


Designing mechanical models using advanced surface functions

The following mechanical designs were prepared in the book: rotor, gear, tap, turning screw. You will learn how to draw these types of models using surface commands.

Your projects will be done correctly and in a short time.

Thanks to projects such as a spoiler, hubcap, bottle, sink, etc., you will learn how to create high-end surfaces and verify them. You will learn to design models using A-class surfaces and learn about the aspects of stylistic rays. You can easily insert a ray surface blend in places where standard solid modeling is impossible.

Reverse Engineering (Scan-STL modeling)

Thanks to advanced designs (bumper, turbine blade), you will learn to analyze the scan (STL) and stretch the correct surfaces on it. You will gain knowledge of good practices in reverse engineering. You will be able to make any model based on a 3D scan. You will learn how to analyze the deviation of the model from the scan.

Different surface modeling strategies used in NX

You will learn many ways to approach one topic. If you encounter a problem, you will be able to use a different strategy. You will cope with the biggest challenges in everyday work. You will not be afraid of difficult designs or incorrectly made models. You will easily use the learned functionalities to repair the model.

Creation of cavities (core and cavity) without the use of specialized NX modules.

Thanks to the design of the cavity, you will learn how to approach this type of components. You will learn the first steps of the analysis which will allow you to recognize incorrectly modelled areas and the location of the main parting line. You will learn how to patch holes. You can easily handle mold designs from your industry. You will successfully use the learned functionalities for laminate molds.



Rendering and Visualization

You will learn how to visualize the models you have designed. You will be able to check their attractiveness at the project stage.

You will notice quick ways of dynamic rendering as well as ways of generating high-quality images. At the design stage, you will assess whether your product is attractive.

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