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Digitalisation for the marine industry

Fleet operators and owners are constantly upgrading and improving their vessels. Can a shipyard maximise its share of this market? Not if it designs and builds vessels the same way it did five years ago. Our 'fleet of the future' perspective shows how the shipbuilding industry can become more innovative by using ship design software to design, optimise and build better and more modern ships and yachts.

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Marine industry

Our solutions focus on supporting key process areas that integrate and optimise the shipbuilding programme and product management, design and engineering, ship construction, supply chain management and maintenance..

Integrated design
Today's shipbuilders need to leverage the latest technology to accelerate R&D departments' work on new types of vessels. Our ship and yacht design solutions enable engineers to create 3D models in the context of the ship's main modules, compartments, equipment, taking full advantage of modern composite materials.

Digitising ship structures
The planning and execution of ship and offshore platform structures are complex projects. Shipyards can optimise production processes and designs at the start of new programmes and avoid the cost of building expensive physical models. Our solution allows production companies to digitally plan and execute the entire ship construction process.

Supply chain management
To efficiently design, develop, produce and test new ship concepts, shipyards rely on a global supply chain of partners and sub-suppliers. An integrated and well-managed supply chain is critical to operating and supporting fleets. Our supply chain management solution enables a sustainable, disciplined and systematic process to reduce the total cost of purchasing materials, goods and services.

Product management
Programme planning and improvement is critical to programming profitability and winning more orders. Leading shipowners need to accelerate vessel delivery, increase team productivity and leverage proven best practices to minimise risk. Our approach to programme planning and execution systems combines cost, schedule and technical requirements.

Customised solutions
for the Marine Industry


PLM Software for the marine industry

The PLM solution for the marine industry uses the latest ship design and engineering technologies, providing a comprehensive approach to this complex subject.

Ship structure design
NX software is built on a modern architecture, which enables design and efficient work on large class products consisting of millions of elements.

Hull and interior design
State-of-the-art solid-surface modelling together with advanced analysis fully supports the design of modern hulls and interiors, both traditional metal or plastic ones and composites.

Composite elements
Special software modules allow the construction, verification, CAE calculations and cutting of layers for components made of composite materials.

Installation projects
These are complete solutions for piping; heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and electrical systems.

Carrying out analyses
Design validation including linear and non-linear strength, multi-physics, thermal, noise, vibration, fluid dynamics (CFD) and ergonomics analyses are just some of the capabilities of CAE packages.

Rapid prototyping
Additive Manufacturing is designing, optimising and building components from metals and plastics using the latest incremental manufacturing methods.

Polish version
The entire suite of NX CAx solutions has a Polish language version of the interface, documentation and specialist manuals also in Polish, which facilitates the implementation process.

Licence packages

Our ship design and engineering software is based on NX and is fully integrated with the Teamcenter platform.

NX Ship Structure Basic Design
The licence enables the development of ship structure concepts in NX, allowing the user to quickly model and modify the structural view of the ship. It facilitates early analysis of the design stage, generation of drawings and easy transition to detail design. Define decks, bulkheads and hull as individual objects related to the main topology, which are divided into subsystems with independent materials and dimensions.

NX Ship Structure Detail
This package provides all functions needed to define and modify structure elements. It includes the definition of parametric details for quick placement and modification of brackets, holes, profile cut-outs, clips and flanges, chamfers, corners, flanges, etc.

NX Ship Drafting
This is a special package for creating 2D documentation with special commands used in the shipbuilding industry (Area Centerline, Drafting Lines, Symbol, Weld Seam, Annotation, ..., etc.)

NX Marine Craft Design
License containing a complete solution for the complete construction of ships in 3D with special tools for handling large assemblies, all kinds of installations and 2D documentation.

Design and manufacturing of composite products for the marine industry.

NX CAM is a special package for programming of CNC machine tools and milling plotters.

LMS for Shipbuilding
Unique combination of simulation software, mobile and laboratory test systems.

eBooks for NX

The eBooks are electronic NX CAD books (in PDF format) aimed at individual NX users who want to improve their skills in using Synchronous Technology (ST), as well as at users of other CAD systems who want to learn about synchronous technology.

As far as technical details are concerned, you will receive links to download the individual files of the NX CAD book to the email address provided in the survey. However, we are not a non-profit organization, so we reserve the right to contact selected users of our free publications. The publications are intended exclusively for CAMdivision Sp. z o.o. customers or as an addition to free trial versions of NX.


NX Synchronous Technology
Synchronous Technology 3D

  • eBook – 154 str. (PDF) – 40 MB
  • Pliki 3D do ćwiczeń – 34 MB
  • Filmy instruktażowe – 460 MB

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NX CAM Podstawy
Frezowanie 3-osiowe

  • eBook – 140 str. (PDF) – 70 MB
  • Pliki 3D do ćwiczeń – 8 MB
  • Filmy instruktażowe – 530 MB

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NX ST & Realize Shape
Realize Shape & ST

  • eBook – 202 str. (PDF) – 46 MB
  • Pliki 3D do ćwiczeń – 48 MB
  • Filmy instruktażowe – 649 MB

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Printed manuals of NX CAD/CAM

Printed manuals are addressed to beginners and advanced users of NX CAD/CAM software. The publications are intended for CAMdivision Sp. z o.o. customers or as an addition to free trial versions of NX.
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NX CAD Podstawy
Kolor 360 str. + DVD

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NX Formy wtryskowe
Kolor 400 str. + DVD

Book preview

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NX Tłoczniki wielotaktowe
Kolor 400 str. + DVD

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NX CAM Podstawy
Kolor 524 str. + DVD

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Files to download

Our activity is not limited only to software implementations. We publish printed manuals and free eBooks, innovative on the Polish market. Additional sources of information about the software offered by us are information materials in the form of leaflets and video recordings of webinars organised by us. You will find detailed descriptions of products and configurations as well as descriptions of the latest software versions.






Ship Design & Engineering


Try out the trial versions

NX CAD/CAM trial versions are free trials of NX software, which includes selected NX CAD, NX CAM and NX CAE packages or specialised applications of the NX Mold/Progressive Design type (mould and die design).

Within the scope of the NX CAD/CAM package, we provide you with:

  • a test license for 7 - 30 days,
  • media on DVD (or for download from ftp),
  • borrowing a book or eBook,
  • initial training, e.g. online
  • assistance and consultation during tests,
  • test postprocessor (NX CAM)

The offer is addressed to companies only.

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Trial versions


Fundamentals of NX


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