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Solid Edge sets the standards for modelling

Solid Edge is a modern parametric CAD system that incorporates innovative synchronous technology. With many unique tools, Solid Edge enables the creation of spatial models and entire assemblies, CAE strength analysis, visualisation and documentation. Solid Edge is a core component of the SIEMENS solution portfolio for the mid-market. Solid Edge includes a free version of Solid Edge 2D Drafting and a free Solid Edge Viewer. The latest version of Solid Edge 2023 is currently available in the market.

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Design with Solid Edge

Solid Edge is a solution that, through the use of Synchronous Technology and specialised modules, allows you to develop innovative designs quickly and conveniently.
The wide use of Solid Edge in the machinery, automotive, aerospace, military and other industries confirms its functionality, and its continuous development provides a broad vision of progress for the enterprise. Solid Edge comes in a variety of configurations so you can choose the software perfectly for your needs so the tool you need is always at hand.

Fast, flexible and efficient design
Solid Edge allows you to work quickly and efficiently on a full range of design tasks from 2D conceptualisation, 3D modelling of parts, large assemblies and documentation creation.

Synchronous Technology
Synchronous Technology means you can not only open files from other CAD systems, but you can also work on, edit and save these designs.

Hybrid modelling
The ability to use sequential modelling (classic, with operation history) and synchronous modeling (dynamic model change, without operation history) allows the Solid Edge user to go beyond standards.

Specialised functions as tools for every engineer
Modelling of sheet metal structures, welded structures and frameworks are just some of the environments available that will take the user to another level of design.

Viewer for 3D and 2D files
The free Solid Edge Viewer allows you to view 2D documentation files and 3D models and assemblies without investing in the software itself.

Parametric 2D CAD
The free Solid Edge 2D Drafting version allows you to create 2D parametric drawings for commercial use.

Part and Assembly Modelling

Solid Edge allows you to create, model, and prototype 3D parts. The user has a choice of two modelling approaches: sequential and synchronous. The sequential approach to modelling is based on full control of the model through sketches, and each step performed is placed in the operation tree. Synchronous technology treats the geometry as a set of faces, regions and by changing them dynamically the user decides on the geometry of the model.

Flat documentation
After the part and assembly modelling is completed, the designer moves on to documentation. A multitude of dimensioning functions, connection of the model with the drawing and easy creation of projections and cross-sections significantly accelerates the work. All this takes place on a pre-configured template in accordance with company standards.

The need to create a realistic appearance of the project is a great opportunity to use the advanced KeyShot tool. Advanced rendering will help to evaluate the final visual effect.

Integration with Teamcenter
With data exchange and easy integration with Teamcenter, Solid Edge goes beyond the typical 3D CAD system. Today's market demands determine the need for fast and comprehensive data exchange right from the prototyping stage.

Solid Edge Modules

Solid Edge is a parametric CAD system. It provides multiple design variations and allows the creation of part families. The user has at his disposal many tools for solid and surface modelling, and he can use the geometry analysis options at any time. A unique feature of Solid Edge is synchronous part editing directly in the assembly environment.

Sheet Metal
Modelling of sheet metal structures. A multitude of functions, easy creation of expansions and intuitive DXF creation make this module very popular among designers.

In addition to the traditional functions of the assembly module, you can model parts in the context of an assembly, create Inter-Part relations, work efficiently with large assemblies and conveniently use display configurations.

Together with the part and assembly modelling module, flat documentation forms an indispensable part of Solid Edge software. The user has the ability to work in accordance with current drawing standards. By creating drawings with different display configurations, quickly inserting and editing BOMs and bending tables, work becomes even more flexible.

Frame structures and welded structures
Modelling a frame structure does not have to be tedious and time consuming. With Solid Edge, you can design frames based on the path or edge of a solid object in a sketch.

Solid Edge allows for strength analysis of both a single part and an entire assembly. It is an excellent tool for the designer who, after analysing the results obtained, is able to validate his design or use the optimisation tool.

Engineering Reference
Designing shafts, gears and mechanisms has never been so easy. The engineer is assisted by the configurators using his/her knowledge, thanks to which he/she receives ready models of the desired machine parts.

Modelling of pipes, pipelines and flexible hoses becomes even easier. Thanks to the PathXpres tool, the designer indicates two points in the assembly environment and selects the solution of his interest. The Piping Library of standardised parts is always at hand.

Wire Harness Design
A module for electric harnesses and cables. It enables to design harnesses manually or automatically and to load ready electrical diagrams.

Solid Edge Viewer

The free Solid Edge Viewer allows you to view 2D documentation and 3D models and assemblies without investing in the software itself.

Solid Edge 2D Drafting
The free Solid Edge 2D Drafting version allows you to create 2D parametric drawings for commercial use. It has the ability to import/export DWG/DXF formats,

Solid Edge Design & Drafting
The entry-level Solid Edge license provides simplified modelling, assemblies, and flat documentation. In addition, full Synchronous Technology functionality is available to you.

Solid Edge Foundation
Includes Design & Drafting functionality, plus full solid and surface modeling, sheet metal, frame, and welded construction modeling.

Solid Edge Classic
Extends the Foundation license to include CAE simulation of a single part, an Engineering Guide that provides the ability to calculate common machine parts, a library of standardized parts, and advanced visualization with KeyShot.

Solid Edge Premium
A comprehensive Solid Edge license that, in addition to the previous variants, includes the ability to perform CAE analysis for assemblies and modeling of pipe construction (XpresRoute) and electrical wiring (Wire Harness Design).

Licence types:

  • Node Locked – license assigned to a particular workstation. Work is only possible on the workstation specified in the license file.
  • Floating – implemented on a server from which any Solid Edge user on the corporate network can download it.
  • The maximum number of simultaneously used workstations corresponds to the number of licenses you own.

Files to download

Our activity is not limited only to software implementations. We publish printed manuals and free eBooks, innovative on the Polish market. Additional sources of information about the software offered by us are information materials in the form of leaflets and video recordings of webinars organised by us. You will find detailed descriptions of products and configurations as well as descriptions of the latest software versions.


Industry Insight



Application benefits
SOLID EDGE from CAMdivision



Functionality giving you the full ability to edit designs loaded from other CAD packages. This makes Solid Edge unrivalled software on the market.



From conception, through modelling and drawing, to simulation and data management, the user remains in one environment – Solid Edge.



Solid Edge has many features and modules, but is an easy and intuitive system to use on a daily basis. The interactive interface means menus are available at every level.



Data exchange and management characterise a complete 3D CAD tool. Solid Edge features integration with PDM and PLM linked to data exchange.


Try out the trial versions

NX CAD/CAM trial versions are free trials of NX software, which includes selected NX CAD, NX CAM and NX CAE packages or specialised applications of the NX Mold/Progressive Design type (mould and die design).

Within the scope of the NX CAD/CAM package, we provide you with:

  • a test license for 7 - 30 days,
  • media on DVD (or for download from ftp),
  • borrowing a book or eBook,
  • initial training, e.g. online
  • assistance and consultation during tests,
  • test postprocessor (NX CAM)

The offer is addressed to companies only.

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