Solid Edge is a modern parametric CAD system which employs innovative Synchronous Technology. Thanks to many unique tools, Solid Edge makes it possible to create spatial models and entire assemblies, CAE strength analysis, visualization and documentation. Solid Edge is the main component of Velocity Series - a portfolio of the Siemens PLM Software solutions intended for the middle segment of the market.

Specjalistyczne oprogramowanie SOLID EDGE SOFTWARE


Design with Solid Edge

Solid Edge is a solution which uses Synchronous Technology and specialized modules to be able to work on innovative designs in a quick and convenient way.

Solid Edge has been widely used in the machinery, automotive, aerospace, military and other sectors, which confirms its functionality, while its continuous development provides the enterprise with a wide perspective of progress. Solid Edge is available in various configurations, enabling the user to select software which is perfectly suitable for the user's needs so as to have it always on hand.

Fast, Flexible and Efficient Design
Solid Edge enables fast and effective work on a full range of design jobs, from 2D concepts through 3D modeling of parts and large assemblies and developing documentation.

Synchronous Technology
Synchronous Technology does not only mean the ability to open files originating from other CAD systems but also to continue working on these designs, edit and save them..

Hybrid Modeling
The Solid Edge user can go beyond standards thanks to the possibility of sequential modeling (conventional modeling with a history of operations) and synchronous modeling (dynamic model change without a history of operations).

Specialized Functions as Tools for Every Engineer
The modeling of sheet metal, welded and framework structures provides only some of the available environments which make the user enter a different level of design.


Modeling Parts and Assemblies

Solid Edge enables the 3D parts to be developed, modelled and prototyped. The user can select from two modeling methods: sequential and synchronous. The sequential approach to modeling means that the model is fully controlled by means of sketches and every step made is included into the tree of operations. Synchronous Technology sees geometry as a set of faces and regions and the user takes decisions regarding the model geometry based on their dynamic change.

Flat Documentation
Having completed the modeling of parts and the assembly, the designer starts making the documentation. The multitude of the dimensioning functions, ties between the model and the drawing and the easy way to make projections and cross-sections significantly accelerates work. All this is done on a pre-configured template in compliance with corporate standards.

The need to provide the design with a realistic design is a great opportunity to use the advanced KeyShot tool.  Advanced rendering will help you evaluate the final result.

Integration with Teamcenter
Data interchange and easy integration with Teamcenter are the reasons why Solid Edge reaches beyond the boundaries of a typical CAD 3D system. Current market requirements determine the need for fast and comprehensive data interchange done already at the prototyping stage.



Solid Edge is a parametric CAD system. It enables you to produce many variants of the design and develop families of parts. The user can use many tools for the solid and surface modeling and he/she is free to use the geometry analysis options at any moment. The unique function of Solid Edge is the possibility to synchronously edit parts in the environment of the assembly.

Sheet Metal
Modeling structures from sheet metals. The multiplicity of functions, easy generation of unfoldings and intuitive creation of DXF have made this module largely appreciated by designers.

Apart from the traditional functions of the assembly module, the user can model the part in the assembly, form the Inter-Part relations, effectively work with large assemblies and use the display configuration in a convenient way.

Flat documentation, combined with the part and assembly modeling module, is an indispensable part of Solid Edge software. The user can work in compliance with the mandatory drawing standards. The work is even more flexible because you can generate drawings from various display configurations and quickly insert and edit BOM and bend tables.

Framework and Welded Structures
Framework structure modeling does not have to be tiresome and time-consuming.  With Solid Edge, you can design frames based on a path indicated in the sketch or an edge of the given solid object.

Solid Edge enables you to carry out the strength analysis both for a single part or an entire assembly. It is an excellent tool for a designer who is able to properly analyze the results and validate his/her design or use the optimization tool.

Engineering Reference
It has never been simpler to design shafts, transmissions and mechanisms. An engineer who uses his/her knowledge is aided by configurators which provide him/her with ready models of the desired parts of machines.

Pipes, pipelines and flexible hoses are even simpler to be modelled. The PathXpres enables the designer to select two points in the assembly environment and choose a solution of his interest. A library of standardized parts - Piping Library - is always at hand.

Wire Harness Design
Module for electrical harnesses and wires. It gives you the possibility to manually or automatically conduct the harnesses and to load ready electrical diagrams.



Design & Drafting
This is the basic Solid Edge license which allows to use simplified modeling, assemblies and flat documentation. Moreover, the user has access to the full functionality of Synchronous Technology.

It contains Design and Drafting functionality as well as full solid and surface modeling, modeling of sheet metal structures, framework structures and welded structures.

Foundation license extended with the capability to carry out the CAE simulation for a single part, Engineer's Handbook which enables you to make calculations for typical machine parts, library of standardized parts and advanced visualization thanks to the KeyShot application.

Comprehensive Solid Edge license offering, apart from the previous variants, the capability to perform a CAE analysis for assemblies and to model a tubular structure (XpresRoute) and electrical wiring (Wire Harness Design).

Rodzaje licencji:

  • Node Locked – a license assigned to a specific workstation. You can work only on the workstation indicated in the license file.
  • Floating - a license implemented on a server from which it can be downloaded by any Solid Edge user working in the corporate network. The maximum number of workstations which are used simultaneously corresponds to the number of licenses held.

eBooks on Solid Edge

The Solid Edge books, printed handbooks and eBooks are for beginner and advanced users of Solid Edge. In case of the eBook,  you will be sent links to download the files to your e-mail address given in the questionnaire. We reserve the right to contact selected users.użytkownikami. The publications are provided only to customers of CAMdivision Sp. z o.o. or as a supplement to the free NX trial versions.

Solid Edge ST7solid book1
Solid Edge ST7

eBook – 236 pages (PDF) – 32 MB
3D files for exercises – 33 MB
Instruction videos – 133 MB
Handbook based on SE ST7

Book preview
Solid Edge STsolid book2
Solid Edge ST

eBook – 182 pages (PDF) – 32 MB
3D files for exercises – 6 MB
Instruction videos – 200 MB
Handbook based on SE ST4

Book preview
SE Synchronoussolid book2
Printed book

Color 644 pages + CD

Book preview

Downloadable materials

Our business activity is not only limited to software implementation projects. We publish printed handbooks and innovative free eBooks on the Polish market. An additional source of information about the software which we offer are the information materials available in the form of leaflets and video recordings of our webinars. Here you will find detailed descriptions of products and configurations and descriptions of the latest software versions.

Industry Insight
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Download material
solid edge materialy2
Download material
Skrót nowości
solid edge materialy3
Download material

Test versions

The NX CAD/CAM test version offers free tests of NX software which cover selected NX CAD, NX CAM and NX CAE suites or specialized NX Mold/Progressive Design type applications (design of molds and dies).

The offer is addressed to prospective customers who are interested in these solutions or wish to compare NX capabilities against the solutions which are currently being used, as well as companies already using NX software.

To be able to fully benefit from the NX CAD/CAM test version suite, we recommend using preliminary training, workshops or on-line consultations.

In the NX CAD/CAM test version suite, we provide you with:

- a test license for 7 – 30 days,
- materials on DVDs (or downloadable from ftp),
- a book to be borrowed or an eBook,
- initial, e.g., on-line training,
- support and consultations during the tests,
- test post-processor (NX CAM)

The offer is addressed to companies.
book wersja testowa



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Functionality enabling you to fully edit designs loaded from other CAD suites. This is what makes Solid Edge an unrivalled software product on the market.
ico nowy sysstem


From the moment of concept through modeling and drawing, to simulation and data management, the user continues to stay in one environment – Solid Edge.
ico praca wspolbiezna


The Solid Edge system has many functions and modules but it is easy to operate and intuitive in daily work. The interactive interface makes the menu accessible on every level.
ico aktualizacje


A complete 3D CAD tool offers data exchangeability and proper data management. Solid Edge is integrated with PDM and PLM, including data exchange.

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