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We are the biggest Polish supplier of CAM solutions (including NX CAM Robotics) and Tecnomatix perfectly complements our offer for companies which want to introduce Industry 4.0 in practice.
Tecnomatix is a group of modern analytical tools for planning, simulating and optimising production processes from the planning stage to practical implementation.
Tecnomatix provides state-of-the-art digital solutions for optimising production processes, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

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Be more efficient with TECNOMATIX

TECNOMATIX enables process innovation by linking all areas of manufacturing to product engineering tasks such as process engineering and simulation, and production management. A core component of an advanced PLM strategy, TECNOMATIX tightly bridges the gap between product design and manufacturing, and enables design and manufacturing management by treating these processes as components of a fully associative model. TECNOMATIX is the solution for getting your product to market faster, improving production efficiency, maintaining quality and dramatically increasing profitability.

Simulations at the highest level
TECNOMATIX allows you to carry out a wide range of simulations on the shop floor, from analysing the work and movements of the robot to analysing material flow and simulating and analysing operator ergonomics.

Seamless work with data from other CAD systems
Thanks to its dedicated translators, TECNOMATIX can work seamlessly with other CAD systems such as Catia and Pro/E.

Extensive robot database
TECNOMATIX has an extensive robot database of all the world's major manufacturers: ABB, Comau, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Kuka, Nachi and many more.

TECNOMATIX can be installed on the Windows 10 operating system.

Unique features
A number of unique features of TECNOMATIX make it a leader in the planning, optimization and simulation of production processes for the challenges of Industry 4.0.


TECNOMATIX solutions are designed to support and improve processes specific to a wide variety of industries, including automotive, heavy industry, aerospace, defence, advanced electronics, consumer goods and heavy equipment, among others.

Efficient Planning
Through the use of TEAMCENTER technology, TECNOMATIX solutions leverage a consistent source of product lifecycle knowledge. This makes it possible to rationalise and increase the utilisation of the engineering infrastructure, as well as to optimise and synchronise the effects of the production process. The ultimate effect is to reduce complexity and accelerate innovation to market.

3D simulation and optimisation
Improve production efficiency by optimising and simulating shop floor processes before production starts.

Process validation
TECNOMATIX facilitates the design and verification of production processes in a modern, dynamic 3D environment replicating realistic production line behaviour.

TECNOMATIX has specialised applications for e.g. optimisation and planning of production lines, robot simulation, offline robot programming and ergonomic analysis of man and his workplace.


TECNOMATIX has a number of modules that can be flexibly configured and expanded within the software packages and adapted to your requirements.

TECNOMATIX – Plant Simulation
TECNOMATIX Plant Simulation enables the simulation and optimization of production systems and processes. With Plant Simulation, you can optimise material flows, resource utilisation and logistics processes at all planning levels, from global plant networks over local facilities to individual lines.

TECNOMATIX – Process Simulate
Process Simulate enables users to design and simulate highly complex production areas. It allows the simulation and design of robot paths and the exploration of the robot's working range. Process Simulate allows the detection of collisions during the simulation of the robot and the optimisation of time cycles.

TECNOMATIX - RobotExpert
RobotExpert software enables the design, simulation, optimisation and offline programming of robotic applications to maximise the speed, flexibility and performance of these automated systems. RobotExpert is well suited for many industrial applications including: bonding, surface treatment, laser cutting or load handling.

TECNOMATIX – Process Designer
The Process Designer solution allows users to evaluate different production variants, coordinate resources, estimate costs and analyse time cycles at an early stage of conceptual planning. You can create assembly line layouts, define and verify product assembly sequences and analyse production costs.

Measuring machines
This module allows the programming of CMM measuring machines.

TECNOMATIX – Process Simulate Human
Process Simulate Human is an add-on application to the Process Simulate product that allows you to carry out realistic simulations of human tasks, assess the performance of employees (e.g. for injury prevention) and create effective ergonomic studies. Process Simulate Human can be used to optimise the layout of workstations in a plant and validate the feasibility of a manual assembly process.

The individual modules are offered as part of the available ready-to-use licence packages or can be configured independently within the individual software options.

eBooks for NX

The eBooks are electronic NX CAD books (in PDF format) aimed at individual NX users who want to improve their skills in using Synchronous Technology (ST), as well as at users of other CAD systems who want to learn about synchronous technology.

As far as technical details are concerned, you will receive links to download the individual files of the NX CAD book to the email address provided in the survey. However, we are not a non-profit organization, so we reserve the right to contact selected users of our free publications. The publications are intended exclusively for CAMdivision Sp. z o.o. customers or as an addition to free trial versions of NX.


NX Synchronous Technology
Synchronous Technology 3D

  • eBook – 154 str. (PDF) – 40 MB
  • Pliki 3D do ćwiczeń – 34 MB
  • Filmy instruktażowe – 460 MB

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NX CAM Podstawy
Frezowanie 3-osiowe

  • eBook – 140 str. (PDF) – 70 MB
  • Pliki 3D do ćwiczeń – 8 MB
  • Filmy instruktażowe – 530 MB

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NX ST & Realize Shape
Realize Shape & ST

  • eBook – 202 str. (PDF) – 46 MB
  • Pliki 3D do ćwiczeń – 48 MB
  • Filmy instruktażowe – 649 MB

Book preview

Printed manuals of NX CAD/CAM

Printed manuals are addressed to beginners and advanced users of NX CAD/CAM software. The publications are intended for CAMdivision Sp. z o.o. customers or as an addition to free trial versions of NX.
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NX CAD Podstawy
Kolor 360 str. + DVD

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NX Formy wtryskowe
Kolor 400 str. + DVD

Book preview

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NX Tłoczniki wielotaktowe
Kolor 400 str. + DVD

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NX CAM Podstawy
Kolor 524 str. + DVD

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Files to download

Our activity is not limited only to software implementations. We publish printed manuals and free eBooks, innovative on the Polish market. Additional sources of information about the software offered by us are information materials in the form of leaflets and video recordings of webinars organised by us. You will find detailed descriptions of products and configurations as well as descriptions of the latest software versions.


Additive Manufacturing

Application advantages
TECNOMATIX from CAMdivision



With TECNOMATIX you can detect and identify risks that may arise during production, such as collisions of mating parts or lack of accessibility to parts of the working area. This makes it possible to correct assumptions already at the planning stage.



TECNOMATIX rationalises and increases the utilisation of the engineering infrastructure and optimises and synchronises the effects of the production process. The final result is a reduction in complexity and an acceleration of the introduction of innovations to the market, thus increasing the efficiency of the company.



Thousands of validation experiments can be performed efficiently and almost automatically at an unprecedented speed, which translates into speed to production.



Thanks to its dedicated translators, TECNOMATIX works seamlessly with other CAD programs such as Catia, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks.


Try out the trial versions

NX CAD/CAM trial versions are free trials of NX software, which includes selected NX CAD, NX CAM and NX CAE packages or specialised applications of the NX Mold/Progressive Design type (mould and die design).

Within the scope of the NX CAD/CAM package, we provide you with:

  • a test license for 7 - 30 days,
  • media on DVD (or for download from ftp),
  • borrowing a book or eBook,
  • initial training, e.g. online
  • assistance and consultation during tests,
  • test postprocessor (NX CAM)

The offer is addressed to companies only.

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