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Virtual machine
Full simulation of NC kinematics

Almost every CAM system user has a tool at their disposal which is machine tool simulation. Most CAM systems simulate the operation of the machine on the basis of so-called intermediate data (CLS) not processed by the postprocessor, i.e. on the basis of the tool path visible on the screen.

Only in NX CAM is the simulation based on NC code! With the full possibility of taking into account the coefficients concerning the dynamics of machine movements in the individual linear and rotary axes!


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Virtual machines, simulation based on NC code

NX CAM Virtual Machine – the exact name of the module in question is NX CAM & ISV – Integrated Simulation and Verification. It is the first part of this one that is most important: "integrated".

The ideal situation is when the simulation of the NC code on the virtual machine takes place in the same programme, in which we had a number of tools for model analysis, tools supporting and automating the selection of technology. In the same programme in which we have prepared and optimised paths for machining and verified their correctness in terms of tool collisions. This is the case with NX CAM. If we add to this the other applications of the NX system, such as product and tooling design, composite design, 3D printing, CAE analysis, etc., we already have a complete solution for Industry 4.0.

The simulation of NC code in NX CAM, can also be used to simulate external code, i.e. for example code written manually or generated using other software. NX CAM enables 3D simulation of machine tool kinematics based on NC code (reverse post processor) in one integrated interface.

We have produced several thousand postprocessors for our customers and for machine tool manufacturers - more at https://nxcam-postprocessors.com/index.php/en/portfolio

Try out the trial versions

NX CAD/CAM trial versions are free trials of NX software, which includes selected NX CAD, NX CAM and NX CAE packages or specialised applications of the NX Mold/Progressive Design type (mould and die design).

Within the scope of the NX CAD/CAM package, we provide you with:

  • a test license for 7 - 30 days,
  • media on DVD (or for download from ftp),
  • borrowing a book or eBook,
  • initial training, e.g. online
  • assistance and consultation during tests,
  • test postprocessor (NX CAM)

The offer is addressed to companies only.

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