We belong to the Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster of the tooling industry and we are the biggest Polish supplier of NX Mold Design suites, authors of the FCPK Bytów libraries for NX Mold and the first Polish books NX Formy wtryskowe [NX Injection Molds] and NX Tłoczniki [NX Dies]. Currently, we are marketing special software for tooling costing - Tool Costing ...

The design and production of tooling is a starting point in the development of many products. The pressure to reduce the cycles covering the development and delivery of products into the market, the introduction of changes, the reduction of costs and global competitiveness have a tremendous influence on the tooling sector ...




We offer software which significantly enhances the process of designing and manufacturing injection molds, stamping dies and tooling and provides full simulation of the operational strength and kinematics.

NX Tooling
This is a rich set of advanced applications which automate the process of making injection molds and stamping dies.  These applications allow the user to complete the part and tooling design task within a shorter period of time than in case when traditional CAD systems are used.

Mold & Die Wizard
The process of designing injection molds, electrodes and stamping dies has been based on practitioners' professional knowledge that has been implemented into the particular functions of the software. The application guides the user step by step through the entire tool development process, increasing the opportunity and efficiency of the designers' work.

Efektywność działań
The NX Tooling applications make it possible to reach a higher level of the business operation efficiency, which leads to the reduction of costs and increases the sales and the margin. This is possible because an efficient and defect-free tool can now be developed within a shorter period of time.  

Współpraca z innymi systemami
The NX system is based on Parasolid, which is a standard modeling kernel used in many various CAD/CAM/CAE systems. NX system users can work on the basis of the native formats used in various CAD systems or use translation through neutral formats.

Kompleksowe rozwiązanie CAx/PLM
Thanks to the use of the system capabilities, the tooling designers can share the working environment with the designers of parts and assemblies and the CNC machine programmers. This significantly accelerates the whole new product development process and increases its effectiveness. All changes can be implemented very quickly while reducing the error level at the same time.

There are no more cases in which information is copied since each user has access to consistent 3D data. The mold designer, the NC machine operator and the process engineer can start working even before the design stage officially comes to its end



NX offers highly advanced functionalities which allow you to create very large assemblies. Therefore it is a perfect solution for the design of all kinds of tooling.

Easy and Fast Data Update
Since there is full associativity maintained between the product model and the tooling required to manufacture it, data can now be quickly and precisely updated. When the tooling design is dynamically tied to the model of a part or entire product, the tooling model can now be automatically updated at the moment when the product design changes.

Systematic Approach to Modeling
The capabilities that the NX system has in terms of creating conceptual models standardize the design practice and make it possible to instantly create different variants. They change the product development process based on designing particular components into a system engineering approach.

These are simple-to-use functions provided for the performance of kinematic analyses which can be used to visualize and check system motion.  Moreover, the NX system offers a wide range of tools for the performance of the analysis of stresses, which optimizes the work of the entire assembly.

Diverse Configurations
Tool designers can use the Teamcenter software to define, store and then reuse a countless number of alternative tooling designs.

The software can be customized according to the corporate structure and configured in variants among many accessible suites and dedicated specialized modules.


License Suites

Dedicated to the mold and die industry are special CAx/PLM license suites used to design, validate, manufacture and manage the entire production cycle.

NX Mold Wizard
This is a floating suite of tools for the design of molds between other NX CAD stations.

NX EasyFill Analysis
Injection analysis enabling you to collect the information about the way in which the plastic material behaves in this process.

NX Electrode Design
Specialized environment for the automation of design of spark eroding electrodes.

FCPK Bytów
These are parametric 3D libraries of FCPK Bytów, developed by CAMdivision.

NX Progressive Die Wizard
This is a floating suite of tools for the design of dies between NX CAD stations.

NX One-Step Formability Analysis
It is an independent license for making a non-linear unfolding analysis using CAE calculations.

NX CAM for Tooling
NX CAM is special suites provided to program the machining of tooling, molds and electrodes.

These are high-efficiency solid material coarse machining operations which make it possible to reduce the machining time by up to 80%. The key comprises the fixed wrap angle, big cutting depth and dynamic feeds.

Rapid Mold
Rapid Mold is a set of special launch settings optimized to meet the requirements of companies who specialize themselves in the production of injection molds.

Tool Costing
This is a module for the valuation of tooling, e.g., injection molds and stamping dies based on 3D geometry..

TEAMCENTER for Tooling
Dedykowane rozwiązania PLM zapewniają pełny zestaw funkcji zarządzania wiedzą, zmianami, Dedicated PLM solutions provide a full set of functions for knowledge, change, planning and documentation management in the tooling industry.


eBooks do NX

eBooks are electronic books on NX CAD (in PDF format) addressed to individual users of the NX system who want to increase their qualifications in the field of using Synchronous  Technology (ST) as well as to users of other CAD systems who wish to become familiar with Synchronous Technology.
As far as the technical details are concerned, you will receive a message containing links provided to download the particular files of the NX CAD book, sent to your e-mail address given in the questionnaire. We are not, however, a non-profit organization and we reserve the right to contact selected users of our free publications.
The publications are provided only to customers of CAMdivision Sp. z o.o. or as a supplement to the free NX trial versions.

NX Synchronousbook 3
Synchronous Technology 3D

eBook – 100 pages (PDF) – 8 MB
3D files for exercises – 8 MB
Instruction videos – 640 MB

Handbook based on NX 8.0/8.5

View book
NX ST & Realizebook 2
Synchronous 3D i 2D

Realize Shape

eBook – 184 pages (PDF) – 32 MB
3D files for exercises – 20 MB
Instruction videos – 900 MB

View book
NX CAD Basicsbook 1
Solid modeling
Synchronous 3D i 2D
Realize Shape

eBook – 300 pages (PDF) – 58 MB
3D files for exercises – 30 MB
Instruction videos – 1 GB

View book


Printed NX CAD/CAM books

The printed handbooks are for novice and advanced users of NX software. The publications are provided only to customers of CAMdivision Sp. z o.o. or as a supplement to the free NX trial versions.

NX CAD Basicsbook 1
Color 360 pages + DVD
View bookOrder
Solid modelingbook 3
Color 400 pages + DVD
View bookOrder
Color 400 pages + DVD
View bookOrder
NX CAM & VMbook 2
Color 524 pages + DVD
View bookOrder

Downloadable materials

Our business activity is not only limited to software implementation projects. We publish printed handbooks and innovative free eBooks on the Polish market. An additional source of information about the software which we offer are the information materials available in the form of leaflets and video recordings of our webinars. Here you will find detailed descriptions of products and configurations and descriptions of the latest software versions.

Progressive Die Wizard
dla przemyslu mold1
Download material
moldex material2
Download material
NX Tooling Pl
moldex material3
Download material

Test versions

The NX CAD/CAM test version offers free tests of NX software which cover selected NX CAD, NX CAM and NX CAE suites or specialized NX Mold/Progressive Design type applications (design of molds and dies).

The offer is addressed to prospective customers who are interested in these solutions or wish to compare NX capabilities against the solutions which are currently being used, as well as companies already using NX software.

To be able to fully benefit from the NX CAD/CAM test version suite, we recommend using preliminary training, workshops or on-line consultations.

In the NX CAD/CAM test version suite, we provide you with:

- a test license for 7 – 30 days,
- materials on DVDs (or downloadable from ftp),
- a book to be borrowed or an eBook,
- initial, e.g., on-line training,
- support and consultations during the tests,
- test post-processor (NX CAM)

The offer is addressed to companies.
book wersja testowa



book wersja testowa
book nx cad promo
book ebook


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