NX CADAutomotive & Transportation

Car manufacturers and their sub-suppliers quickly modify the technologies used to design and make vehicles in response to evolving market demands.

Autonomous vehicles, hybrid drives and communication systems bring new challenges for design firms; therefore we offer special software-based solutions which are capable of coping with the greatest challenges.

SIEMENS PLM for Automotive & Transportation


The SIEMENS PLM software provides full technological integration of mechanical, software and electronic systems found in modern vehicles.

PLM Solutions for Automotive Suppliers

The mechanical, electrical and software systems with which modern vehicles are equipped are often developed by external suppliers which brings major challenges related to their mutual integration. The final success depends on the close cooperation between the car manufacturers and suppliers. Our solutions help efficiently plan, design, test and manufacture such systems through the integration of engineering functions and access on a real-time basis to information through the open PLM platform.

PLM Solutions for Automotive OEMs

Increasing product complexity, faster engineering changes and tougher competition put pressure on OEM manufacturers who must quickly implement innovations into the new generation of vehicles. The Siemens PLM Software solutions are based on open standards, which enables trouble-free integration between various stages of product development.

Trucks, Buses & Specialty Vehicles

The integrated design, simulation and production environment helps the engineers make decisions at the early stage of the development process while ensuring full control of the objectives, the virtual design and the validation stage. Our solution allows you to establish a proper balance between critical characteristics such as driving dynamics, noise, vibrations, durability, acoustics, economy and power management.

Motorcycles, Bicycles & Parts

Styling, efficiency and branding are the key factors in the product development for the makers of motorcycles and ATV.  The design and development of motorcycles, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles and similar vehicles requires balancing the characteristics such as ride, sound, comfort and safety. Our solutions ensure a universal and flexible software environment which allows you to carry out even the most complex designs.


Software for Automotive & Transportation

The software ensures effective planning, design, testing and production of complete vehicles and subassemblies for the automotive industry.

Chassis and Interior Design

The highest level solid and surface modeling and advanced analyses fully support the design of modern type bodies and interiors, both traditional metal or plastic ones and those made of composites.

Mechanical Parts

This includes: modeling single parts and units, machining carried out by means of CNC machines and robots, process validation within a single NX CAD/CAE/CAM environment.


The design of injection molds, casting molds, stamping dies, control and fixing tooling is just a sample of what the software is capable of doing.

CAE Simulations

The CAE environment provides unlimited possibilities to carry out strength, kinematic, fatigue and acoustic simulations or optimization.

Fast Prototyping

Additive Manufacturing comprises design, optimization and construction of metal and plastic components with the use of the most innovative methods of additive manufacturing.

Production Lines

Capability to simulate and virtualize entire production lines equipped with mounting robots, welding robots etc. within a single integrated programmable environment.


The software can be customized to one's individual needs, with its many available suites and additional, strictly integrated specialist modules.



The dedicated SIEMENS PLM Software license suites which we offer for the automotive industry make a consistent and comprehensive CAx/PLM solution.

NX Automotive Suppliers

These are special NX CAD/CAE design suites addressed to the automotive industry sub-suppliers who collaborate with various vehicle manufacturers at the same time.

Custom Products Solutions

DAIMLER (Mercedes), Jaguar LandRover, Ford, Opel and Magna are the manufacturers to whom the specially configured NX CAD software suites have been dedicated.

Tooling Design & Costing

NX Mold Design (injection and casting molds) and NX Progressive Design (stamping dies) are typical suites provided to design tooling while PCM Tool Costing is provided for the tooling cost calculation..


This is an integrated environment for the design and production of composite products.


NX CAM are suites designed to program milling machines, turning machines, EDM cutters, milling robots, CMM machines and 3D printers whereas TECNOMATIX is provided for  entire production lines.


SIMCENTER combines the simulation of systems, CAE 1D/3D and physical tests with the knowledge acquired through data analysis. It offers a multi-modal structure and flexible licensing principles.


The design of automotive seat and interior upholstery requires you to employ special functionalities which are available in the MASTERTRIM software.


This is a comprehensive PLM solution used for the product lifecycle management and equipped with specialized analysis, reporting, scheduling etc. modules.


eBooks do NX

eBooks are electronic books on NX CAD (in PDF format) addressed to individual users of the NX system who want to increase their qualifications in the field of using Synchronous  Technology (ST) as well as to users of other CAD systems who wish to become familiar with Synchronous Technology.
As far as the technical details are concerned, you will receive a message containing links provided to download the particular files of the NX CAD book, sent to your e-mail address given in the questionnaire. We are not, however, a non-profit organization and we reserve the right to contact selected users of our free publications.
The publications are provided only to customers of CAMdivision Sp. z o.o. or as a supplement to the free NX trial versions.

NX Synchronousbook 3
Synchronous Technology 3D

eBook – 100 pages (PDF) – 8 MB
3D files for exercises – 8 MB
Instruction videos – 640 MB

Handbook based on NX 8.0/8.5

View book
NX ST & Realizebook 2
Synchronous 3D i 2D

Realize Shape

eBook – 184 pages (PDF) – 32 MB
3D files for exercises – 20 MB
Instruction videos – 900 MB

View book
NX CAD Basicsbook 1
Solid modeling
Synchronous 3D i 2D
Realize Shape

eBook – 300 pages (PDF) – 58 MB
3D files for exercises – 30 MB
Instruction videos – 1 GB

View book


Printed NX CAD/CAM books

The printed handbooks are for novice and advanced users of NX software. The publications are provided only to customers of CAMdivision Sp. z o.o. or as a supplement to the free NX trial versions.

NX CAD Basicsbook 1
Color 360 pages + DVD
View bookOrder
Solid modelingbook 3
Color 400 pages + DVD
View bookOrder
Color 400 pages + DVD
View bookOrder
NX CAM & VMbook 2
Color 524 pages + DVD
View bookOrder

Downloadable materials

Our business activity is not only limited to software implementation projects. We publish printed handbooks and innovative free eBooks on the Polish market. An additional source of information about the software we offer are the information materials available in the form of leaflets and video recordings of our webinars. Here you will find detailed descriptions of products and configurations and descriptions of the latest software versions.

nx cad materialy1
Download material
NX CAD MACH suites
nx cad materialy2
Download material
NX Tooling Pl
nx cad materialy3
Download material

Test versions

The NX CAD/CAM test version offers free tests of NX software which cover selected NX CAD, NX CAM and NX CAE suites or specialized NX Mold/Progressive Design type applications (design of molds and dies).

The offer is addressed to prospective customers who are interested in these solutions or wish to compare NX capabilities against the solutions which are currently being used, as well as companies already using NX software.

To be able to fully benefit from the NX CAD/CAM test version suite, we recommend using preliminary training, workshops or on-line consultations.

In the NX CAD/CAM test version suite, we provide you with:

- a test license for 7 – 30 days,
- materials on DVDs (or downloadable from ftp),
- a book to be borrowed or an eBook,
- initial, e.g., on-line training,
- support and consultations during the tests,
- test post-processor (NX CAM)

The offer is addressed to companies.
book wersja testowa



book wersja testowa
book nx cad promo
book ebook


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